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Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of Gle1 impacts DDX1 at transcription termination sites


Sharma M , Wente SR , . Molecular biology of the cell. 2020 8 5; (). mbcE20030215


Gle1 is a nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein with well documented cytoplasmic roles as a modulator of ATP-dependent DEAD box RNA helicases involved in messenger (m)RNA export, translation initiation and termination, and stress granule dynamics. Here, we identify a novel nuclear role for Gle1 during transcription termination. In HeLa cells treated with a peptide that disrupts Gle1 nucleocytoplasmic shuttling, we detected nuclear accumulation of specific mRNAs with elongated 3′-UTR. Enriched mRNAs were nascently transcribed and accumulated in the nucleus due to a change in transcription state and not due to altered nuclear export. Whereas Gle1 shuttling inhibition did not appear to perturb nuclear DDX19 functions, it did result in increased DDX1 nucleoplasmic localization and decreased DDX1 interactions with Gle1 and the pre-mRNA cleavage stimulation factor CstF-64. An increase in nuclear R-loop signal intensity was also observed with diminished Gle1 shuttling, as well as colocalization of Gle1 at R-loops. Taken together, these studies reveal a nuclear role for Gle1 in coordinating DDX1 function in transcription termination complexes.