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Sustained response to erlotinib and rapamycin in a patient with pediatric anaplastic oligodendroglioma


Geben LC , Mobley BC , Brockman AA , Pastakia D , Naftel R , Ihrie RA , Esbenshade AJ , . Pediatric blood & cancer. 2020 10 1; (). e28750


One goal of precision medicine is to identify mutations within individual tumors to design targeted treatment approaches. This report details the use of genomic testing to select a targeted therapy regimen of erlotinib and rapamycin for a pediatric anaplastic oligodendroglioma refractory to standard treatment, achieving a 33-month sustained response. Immunohistochemical analysis of total and phosphorylated protein isoforms showed abnormal signaling consistent with detected mutations, while revealing heterogeneity in per-cell activation of signaling pathways in multiple subpopulations of tumor cells throughout the course of disease. This case highlights molecular features that may be relevant to designing future targeted treatments.