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Varun Menon

“This is what you trained for:” A conversation with Class of 2020 President Varun Menon on moving forward in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak

by Emma Mattson We spoke with VUSM Class of 2020 President Varun Menon (VMS4) about the experience of being a medical student during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are the words of reflection and encouragement he shared during this crisis. What reactions and responses have you heard from your class in light of the recent COVID-19…

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Clarissa Liu

Among the many reasons why I chose Vanderbilt, the main two would be Curriculum 2.0 and the community. Being able to start clerkships second year, having that full year of experience before taking Step 1, and getting the extra months in third and fourth year to deepen my clinical exposure are all huge reasons for why I was drawn to this school. Especially as someone who is easily interested in many fields, the time Curriculum 2.0 gives me to explore my options will better prepare me as I decide my next big steps regarding possible away rotations and residency.

Vanderbilt’s tight-knit community is also why I decided to attend medical school here. Before coming, I could already tell how much the administration and faculty care about each student. Among students, little things really stand out. For example, upperclassmen made encouraging posters and taped them to our lockers before our first big exam. It feels easy to have a meaningful conversation with any of my classmates by nature of the small class size and shared experiences. Faculty and physicians are so willing to help, such as giving us shadowing opportunities, that many even give out their cell phone numbers to students. Being a part of this collaborative community has given me so much to be thankful for, and I am truly amazed and humbled to be here at Vanderbilt.

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