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COVID-19 Info For Future Applicants As Of April 14, 2020

Vanderbilt does not have any specific prerequisite course requirements for applicants; we have course recommendations instead. This allows us to accept Pass/Fail grades without an issue. While we prefer that applicants take in-person lab and lecture courses when possible, we understand that it is not always feasible due to time, financial constraints, and/or global pandemics.


Vanderbilt recognizes that some universities are unable to provide pre-med advisor or committee letters. We will accept individual letters of evaluation and encourage letter writers to cover the broad competencies outlined in the AAMC Guidelines. If your institution offers a letter service during this time, and you are eligible for that service, Vanderbilt kindly expects you to use it.


Regarding the timing of the MCAT, Vanderbilt knows this is a potentially stressful time for applicants.  Although Vanderbilt appreciates rolling admissions, we will not penalize candidates who had a delay in the opportunity to take the MCAT. We encourage candidates to consider submitting their AMCAS application for verification without the MCAT. No admissions decisions will be made without the MCAT. Please continue to check this website and the Medical School Admissions Requirement e-book for updates.

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Dean André L. Churchwell

“Living up to our true mission:” A conversation with Dr. André Churchwell on the history of diversity work at Vanderbilt

by Emma Mattson In the forty years since Dr. André Churchwell graduated from medical school, his contributions to diversity and inclusion work have changed the face of U.S. medical education. Since last July, Churchwell has served as the interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion and the chief diversity officer for Vanderbilt University. On…

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MD Student Ambassadors

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Katie McKay

Hi! My name is Katie, I’m a VMS2 originally from Holmdel, New Jersey. I graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2017. I majored in biology and psychology, and spent most of my time in the pool on UNC’s swim team. I stayed in Chapel Hill for my gap year and conducted neuroscience research on substance use disorders. I love going to the beach, reading, and watching UNC basketball games in my free time, and have been taking advantage of all the amazing concerts available in Nashville. Throughout my first year, my favorite extracurricular activity was working at Shade Tree Clinic as a social worker and preclinical student. I’m currently interested in working with a pediatric population, potentially through pediatric surgery or critical care.

I chose Vanderbilt based on the instant connection with the community I felt at Second Look Weekend. It seemed to be a supportive and caring atmosphere from both students and professors, and that has proved to be even more true than I anticipated. We have such a talented, friendly, and compassionate class and I feel lucky to be a part of it. I also loved the idea of getting to complete my clerkships and work with patients in my second year of school — it opens up so much more time for exploring my interests and figuring out my future career path. I also wanted the opportunity to work with underserved populations, like at the Shade Tree Clinic. Shade Tree is truly a student-run free clinic, and it’s been so inspiring to see how passionate the medical directors and student executive board are about our patients and the success of the clinic.

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