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Supporting medical student life at Vanderbilt

Our mission in the Office of Medical Student Affairs is to ensure the success of medical students as they progress through their training. Success is measured first and foremost in classrooms and clinics, where students spend the majority of their time learning. Through our advising program within the four Colleges, led by Dr. Amy Fleming, as well as the Student Assistance Program, led by Dr. Cathy Pettepher, we provide students with the tools they need to thrive in Vanderbilt’s rigorous courses. We also oversee the student-led Vanderbilt Careers in Medicine, which facilitates exploration and selection of specialties and prepares students to be highly competitive in the Match. Additionally, we work closely with student leaders of the Student Wellness Program, a nationally-recognized organization that promotes medical student well-being. We remain available to the entire medical student body whenever they request our assistance with the wonderful projects that take place in the School of Medicine and the larger Nashville community.