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We have fun.

we have fun

College Reveal – Year 1

Our four advisory colleges (Batson, Chapman, Gabbe, and Robinson) are tight-knit communities designed to help you navigate your journey through med school, and College Reveal is all about finding out which one you belong to!

This highly-anticipated event introduces you to each college’s unique personality and faculty mentors. You’ll learn which college you’ve matched with, and your new college family will be eagerly waiting to welcome you!

Big/Little Reveal – Year 1

During your first months here, you’ll also be paired with a “Big,” a second-year med student from your college who’ll provide encouragement before exams, answers to all your questions, and a friendly face to greet around campus.

Bigs are more than mentors: they quickly become friends and family. And since these relationships recur every year, you’ll be welcomed into their whole family— their Big, Grand-Big, and so on. The wisdom of med school generations is always only a phone call away.

Pitch Night – Year 1

With almost 50 student-run organizations—from Radial Grooves (VUSM’s a cappella group) to the Wilderness Medical Society—you’ll never run out of things to do at VUSM.

With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where Pitch Night comes in. This event, taking place each fall, gives each on-campus organization exactly one minute to introduce themselves and their mission.

College Cup

Meet the pride and joy of the Student Wellness Committee: College Cup!

During this Olympics-style competition, our four advisory colleges compete for glory and bragging rights. College Cup traditionally opens with a 5k race, and the weekend is packed full with spirit contests, choreographed dances, water polo matches, an Iron Chef tournament, and so much more.