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We celebrate.

we celebrate

White Coat Ceremony – Year 1

After completing the “Foundations of the Profession” course, you’ve learned the values and principles that guide a physician’s relationship with society and patients. In other words, you’re ready to receive your white coat.

At the end of this formal convocation, each first-year student is called up by name to don a white coat embroidered with their name on the lapel.

Match Day – Year 4

Congratulations! You’ve made it through years of med school, and now it’s time to discover where you’ll spend the next phase of your medical career.

On the morning of Match Day, you’ll learn your Match results. By tradition, you’ll be on stage opening an envelope containing your match or perhaps you’ll find out virtually. No matter the format, Match Day is sure to be quite the celebration.

Cadaver Ball

Originally a party thrown by the M4s to celebrate M1s completing the gross anatomy lab, the Ball has become a time-honored, black-tie formal— well-attended by faculty and students alike.

Held annually in March, this beloved event is a chance for your class to celebrate progress through the medical school journey, show off your creative side through student-planned entertainment, and gather with all of the classes.

Commencement – Year 4

A celebratory end to years of hard work and dedication in med school, commencement takes place in two parts: a university-wide ceremony and a ceremony unique to the medical school. You’ll receive your degree and the hood of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, conferred by the Dean.

Commencement marks a bittersweet end to your time in med school, but it’s only the beginning of what you’ll accomplish in your medical career. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you in years to come!