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We prioritize wellness.

we prioritize wellness

Wellness Retreats – Annually

Led by the faculty mentors and Student Affiliate Advisors from each college, these day-long retreats are packed full with personal reflection and faculty-moderated discussion. Each year’s retreat has a different theme to match your specific stage in med school and gives you a chance to reflect on your goals as a future provider.

Hippocratic Oath Composition – Year 4

As you near the end of your fourth year of med school, it’s time to think about the solemn commitment you’ll make in just a few months at graduation: the Hippocratic Oath.

During your fourth-year Wellness Retreat, you’ll begin crafting a unique version of the Hippocratic Oath that your class will take at graduation. What commitments and values are most important to you? What themes are essential to your future career? A committee of students will flesh out these reflections into the final version of your oath and submit it to the entire class for approval.

Shade Tree Trot – Annually in April

Our student-run, free clinic, Shade Tree, is completely supported by the generosity of volunteers and donors. Med students, faculty, and community members love its main fundraiser: the Shade Tree Trot. Previous trots have been successes and we hope 2022 will be even better.