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Meet the Team

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Medical Student Affairs

A woman ina white sweater and black shirt smilesDean Fleming
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student and Alumni Affairs

Since 2014, Dean Fleming has nurtured all medical students at Vanderbilt through her role with Medical Student Affairs. As your dean, she walks with you through the highs and lows (and everything in between) during your time in medical school. More than that, she will invest in you as an individual and advocate for you at each step of the way. Dean Fleming will welcome you on Day 1 and work on your behalf through residency interviews and beyond. She supports all parts of your medical student career, from big milestone events to your day-to-day life, mindful of your wellness and overall success as a person and future practitioner.

Dean Fleming also oversees the admissions process for MD programs and alumni affairs for VUSM and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her door is open to all students from the earliest days of medical education well into subsequent time as medical alumni.

A woman stands outside and smilesSarah Huff
Assistant Director

Sarah Huff is the assistant director of Medical Student Affairs. Sarah leads MD student life and wellness initiatives, collaborating with Dean Fleming, the MSA team, and external partners to coordinate events, student support, and student organizations. She brings executive experience from student affairs at the Owen Graduate School of Management and service in residential life, Greek life, and student activities to VUSM to make informed plans for the best possible student experience during medical school.

A woman with glasses and red hair smilesBobbi Humphreys
Senior Events Coordinator

If you love the facilities, food, and flowers you see at annual events around VUSM, you can thank senior event coordinator Bobbi Humphreys. Bobbi works to secure event venues, find caterers, organize decorations, and facilitate purchasing on behalf of the Wellness Committee, Careers in Medicine, and the four advisory colleges.

A man with a mustache looks straight aheadWill Hansen
Senior Administrative Assistant

Will Hansen serves as administrative assistant to Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs Amy Fleming. Will helps to coordinate meetings with Dean Fleming and supports all behind-the-scenes efforts in promoting student wellness, events, and day-to-day operations. He acts as an information desk and friend to all, quick to welcome you and willing to help you reach the resources you need. He also handles all financial requests for student spending.

A woman wearing glasses smiles in an atrium areaPortlyn Cruise
Event Coordinator

Portlyn Cruise is an event coordinator with more than 10 years of experience planning and coordinating events, ranging from orientation to commencement. With an attention to detail and high organizational skills, Portlyn is dedicated to ensuring that your events are successful during your time in medical school. She loves connecting with students, faculty, staff, and community partners. She also coordinates the Flexner Deans’ Lecture Series, an essential part of your medical school experience that brings top experts in the field to campus.

A woman in a blue shirt sits in front of a gray backdrop and smilesEmily Blake
Student Services Coordinator

Emily Blake serves as the student services coordinator for Medical Student Affairs. Emily is responsible for overseeing all student compliance trainings and works closely with all student organizations. She’ll make sure both students and organizations have completed all necessary steps to sustain success. In addition to compliance, Emily is the staff support for the Kern National Network grant, which encourages flourishing in medicine. She coordinates KNN initiatives with Dr. Luke Finck and provides help on event days.