Surplus Removal Procedure
Student Travel Guidelines
OSP Courier Service
Vanderbilt University Sexual Assault Support and Resource Information
Fiscal Year 2015 HR Initiatives
Concur's New Interface
Travel & Expense Resources
MCN Hoteling Space
Exempt Time Off/Finance/General Ledger
Expense Report Guidelines
Kronos Upgrade I
Kronos Upgrade II

Surplus Removal Procedure

With the transition separating VU and VUMC now complete, we have received clear-cut instructions on how to send items to surplus. See the attached document.

Student Travel Guidelines

The BRET student travel subcommittee has come up with a new process for students to use and have drafted a website to communicate this process.  View details here.

OSP Courier Service

To use the OSP courier service, label the envelope “OSP / OCGA” and take it to the drop off location in MCN 3322. Put in the box for OSP labeled “Sony Building 3rd Floor."

Vanderbilt University Sexual Assault Support and Resource Information - January 15, 2015

View a PDF of Vanderbilt's sexual assault support and resources.

View the Sexual Misconduct & Power-Based Personal Violence PowerPoint and Supplemental Information.


Fiscal Year 2015 HR Initiatives - January 15, 2015

View Vanderbilt's 2015 HR initiatives.


Concur's New Interface - December 11, 2014

On January, 5th, Concur will introduce a new user interface for travel and expense reporting. Please see important information contained in the attached travel newsletter regarding this upcoming change. We highly encourage you to please share this newsletter with all travelers, Concur expense users, travel assistants, and expense delegates in your department. It is sent out at the first of each month to all Departmental Travel Advisors, Expense Report Approvers, and Guest Travel Coordinators. If you missed a newsletter, they are archived on our website for reference. If you have a suggestion for topics you would like to see addressed in the newsletter, please contact us at travel@vanderbilt.edu.

Travel & Expense Resources - September 29, 2014

Attached is a grid that outlines who to contact with different travel issues. Additionally, here are a few tips:
1.  If you find better airfare outside of Concur, screen shot it and send to Jane Hershey as soon as possible. She has had success matching the pricing.
2.  Always use an agent on International fares. They are often able to get better pricing.
3.  If you are changing a flight, use a travel agent. They can often reduce costs. Southwest would be an exception to this since they don’t charge change fees.
4.  Student travel will continue to be booked as it is now. We are waiting for the University to review things and there are broader issues about how students are handled in systems that they are trying to address.


MCN Hoteling Space - April 10, 2014

Hoteling space in the Medical Center is being provided as a place to make phone calls or check email between meetings. We have created hoteling spaces in Medical Center North (MCN) S2326, D3238, and D3240. These spaces are intended to function as touch-down locations for Vanderbilt faculty and staff members in need of a brief place to work between meetings or other business purposes in the MCN area. The hoteling space on the 2nd floor can be accessed using a Vanderbilt ID and is available 24 hours a day on a first come, first-served basis. The 3rd floor spaces are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

The S2326 space is equipped with six desk spaces with power and data connections, as well as wireless. You will need to bring your own devices and cables to this area. There are also two private phone rooms and a courtesy phone in the main room for your convenience. The D3238 & D3240 spaces have desktop units provided in the rooms along with wireless and a courtesy phone in each.



Exempt Time Off/Finance/General Ledger -  December 19, 2013

1.  There is an outline of the exempt time off rollout for Kronos exempt time off rollout for Kronos. Exempt staff will still use the current ETO system through January 10 (reporting for December time), then starting January 11 the Kronos system will be used. The handout has more details.
2.  Finance is rolling out a new automated financial reporting system for grants and contracts. They are hoping this will really streamline the current process. There is a long list of improvements and they are targeting a rollout in February. 
3.  Finance is also announcing enhancements to the Center Creates system.
4.  Those that are in the budget process are being asked to budget for a 2% increase in salaries across the board, without increasing the bottom line. This does not guarantee increases, but there will be money in the budget for it. Details on how to implement in BudPro have been distributed.
5.  The official announcement will be out shortly that the current general ledger system will be replaced. The timeline is 18 months with a go-live date of July 1, 2015. Everyone acknowledges that this is an aggressive timeline. There will be working groups that represent the basic science research area, so we will have input.
6.  As you all have heard we are transitioning to a Flex-PTO program in January. January 1 will be a Holiday under the old plan, and the Flex-PTO will start January 2. I am attaching a flexPTO Tips For Managing Your Time Off flyer that I just received with some information and links that will help you understand this better. I will pass along information as I receive it. If you have questions about this, please let me know. Additionally, we can chat about this at our staff meeting in January.

Expense Report Guidelines - December 11, 2013

This email summarizes the audit observations that were identified by reviewing travel expense reports processed through the Concur system between 5/29/2013 and 8/28/2013. A total of 129 observations were identified as training opportunities, to ensure compliance with the new Travel Policy. Expense Report Approvers (ERAs) should pay close attention to the items outlined below to ensure each traveler is submitting adequate and appropriate travel expense reports.
Please return expense reports to the traveler if any of the following instances are lacking:
·  Booking – With the exception of reserving a hotel room through a housing bureau to receive a blocked rate, all airfare, hotel and car rentals should be booked through Concur.
·  Airfare Booked in Concur – All airfare that is booked in Concur is paid for using the Vanderbilt Ghost Card. All of these expenses should have ‘Company Paid’ as the payment method. If they do not, the traveler will be incorrectly reimbursed for an expense paid for by the University.
·  PCard – Absolutely no PCard transactions should be submitted in a Concur expense report. If they are, the traveler will be incorrectly reimbursed for an expense paid for by the University.
·  Proof of Payment – Supporting documentation must contain proof of payment indicating the method used, such as the type of card including last 4 digits, transaction date, and amount.
·  Transaction Date – The date the expense was incurred should be listed as the transaction date, and this date should match the date on the receipt.
·  Greater than 60 Days – Travel expense reports should be submitted within 60 days of the return date. Reports submitted after 60 days will be reported as taxable income to the traveler.
·  Accurate Receipts – The receipt associated with each transaction should be accurate and reflect the cost of the reimbursement in the name of the individual seeking reimbursement.
·  Meals with No Receipts – Although receipts are not required for transactions under $25, expense reports with little to no receipts should be reviewed carefully.
·  Excessive Tips – Travelers should not be claiming reimbursement for gratuity that exceeds 20% of the billed amount.
·  Improper Classification – Expense classification should accurately reflect the type of expense incurred. For example registration expenses should be classified as ‘Registration Fees’ and not ‘Miscellaneous - Other.’ If an expense category exists for a particular transaction, it should NOT be classified as ‘Miscellaneous – Other.” All ‘Miscellaneous-Other’ transactions will be heavily audited.
·  Small Mileage Reimbursements – Travelers should not submit a separate expense report for each individual personal car mileage transaction. If reasonable to do so, mileage should be compiled and submitted on a monthly basis, listing each instance within that month as a separate transaction line item, or one line item with an accompanying travel log.
·  T&E Card – The T&E card is NOT a department card and should not be shared. Only the individual whose name the card is issued in is authorized to use the card.

Kronos Upgrade - November 25, 2013

**You are receiving this email because you lead or support areas that may be impacted by the Kronos upgrade. Please cascade to your team members as necessary.**
What’s Happening?
On the evening of Monday, December 2, Kronos will be upgraded from Version 6.1 to 6.3. This upgrade impacts all existing Kronos users.
Why are we upgrading now?
We are upgrading in December to prepare for the flexPTO implementation for the Medical Center in January and the University in July.
What is changing?
·         The user experience in version 6.3 is almost identical to 6.1 and training for end users is not required.
·         Kronos 6.3 supports more current versions of Java and keeping Java updated on our workstations mitigates the security risks associated with web-based applications.
·         For Union users, overtime calculations have been removed from the Kronos application and moved into PeopleSoft.
What is the timeline?
·         Monday, December 2 at 12:00 pm – Payroll Deadline for Medical Center Bi-Weekly (MBB) pay group.
·         Monday, December 2 at approximately 5:00 pm – After Medical Center Bi-Weekly payroll (MBB) has processed, Kronos will be taken offline to begin upgrade activities.  Readers (time clocks) will be offline and Kronos will not be available for use.
·         Tuesday, December 3 at approximately 7:00 am– Kronos will be back online and available for use.
What is the communication plan?
·         Monday, November 25
          Notification email to VUMC, SOM, SON and University and Medical Center Union Leadership about the upgrade overview and timeline    
            Notification email to all impacted timekeepers in Kronos about upgrade overview and timeline
·         Friday, November 29
            Reminder email to all impacted timekeepers in Kronos restating the upgrade plan
·         Monday, December 2
            Email notification to Medical Center Bi-Weekly (MBB) timekeepers at payroll deadline to sign off on payroll
            Notification email to all impacted timekeepers 30 minutes prior to Kronos going offline
·         Tuesday, December 3
            Notification email to all impacted timekeepers when Kronos is online and available for use
Who can I contact for support?
·         If you experience any issues with the Kronos application after the upgrade, please contact kronos@vanderbilt.edu.
·         If you have questions about your JAVA version, please contact your LAN Manager. If you do not have a LAN Manager assigned to your area, please contact 3-HELP for assistance.

Kronos Upgrade - November 19, 2013

Hi All,
I wanted to make you aware that Kronos will be upgraded on the evening of December 2, 2013, so that it supports the most current version of Java. Therefore those that use Kronos will need to have the most current version of Java. There should be no other changes that need to be made. I have attached an overview sheet from HR with my notes.

For the IT people; HR does not believe that the Java upgrade will impact any currently used software, if there is an issue please let me know.

Additionally, please note that the exempt time off initiative in Kronos has been delayed to late January and will be rolled out with the flex PTO.

Those of you who oversee the time process please check to make sure everyone has the correct version of Java.  If they do not pleases work with your respective IT contacts.

Please let me know of any questions or concerns.