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Overview of Cores managed thru CDB or faculty in CDB

CDB Equipment Resource

The CDB Equipment Resource is a Vanderbilt University research core facility. The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology maintains this large and diverse set of instruments located throughout MCN and MRB3. Unless noted, all of our equipment is available for anyone to use as we strive to provide a collaborative environment to all of Vanderbilt’s community of researchers.

The Vanderbilt University Cancer & Immunology Core (CIC)

CIC provides fee-for-service mass cytometry and other advanced cytometry services using well-established CIC Panels of metal-conjugated antibodies and standardized protocols.  The CIC aims to help researchers get a first mass cytometry figure or to carry out studies in areas where the technology development has been robust, such as monitoring human T cell subsets.

The Vanderbilt University Mass Cytometry Center of Excellence (MCCE)

MCCE provides a cutting edge environment where users can access mass cytometry equipment, receive advanced training, and learn to standardize mass cytometry applications.

The Cell Imaging Shared Resource (CISR)

The Cell Imaging Shared Resource (CISR) is an institutional, fee-for-service, advanced microscopy resource. The CISR provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment and expert technical support for sophisticated microscopy and analysis of tissue and cellular anatomy and physiology. As of June 2020, the CISR independently manages 17 advanced optical microscopes, 1 transmission electron microscope and 2 environmental scanning electron microscopes. All are fully operational and in excellent working condition. These instruments and the array of advanced capabilities offered by them are available to support any investigator with an appointment at Vanderbilt University.