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Seminar Series

CDB Monday Seminars

Spring 2019 CDB Seminar Calendar

Join us most Mondays at 12:15 pm in 1220 MRB III.

Monday’s weekly seminars are on a cutting-edge topics in Cell or Developmental Biology, as well as Stem Cell and Epithelial Biology.

Visiting speakers are invited from a variety of institutions through-out the US.  The seminar takes place almost every Monday during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Spring 2018 Seminars

January 14: (3131 MRB III) Morgan DeSantis, University of California-San Diego, “Mechanisms of dynein regulation by Lis1”

January 24: (Thursday, 3131 MRB III) Reza Kalhor, Wyss Institute, “Developmental lineage mapping by genomic barcoding in the mouse”

January 28: Kristen Verhey, University of Michigan, “How to produce force and directed motility – lessons learned from kinesis motors”

February 4: Marcus Seldin, University of California – Los Angeles, “Population-based approaches to dissect endocrine communication”

February 11: Sean Bendall, Stanford University School of Medicine, “Massively Multiplexed Single Cell Analysis in Human Health and Disease

February 14: (Thursday, 3131 MRB III) Daniel Wagner, Harvard Medical School, “Single-cell decomposition of vertebrate cell fate hierarchies and control logic”

February 18: Unmesh Jadhav, Harvard Medical School, “Epigenetic drivers of cell plasticity and tissue regeneration”

March 4: David Toczyski, University of California – San Francisco, “Degrading activities: Exploring the ubiquitin pathway’s role in cellular biology”

March 11: Heather Broihier, Case Western University, “Tailoring growth factor pathways for signaling at synapses”

March 18: Joseph Opferman, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, “Dissecting anti-apoptotic MCL-1’s functions in normal malignant biology”

March 20: (Wednesday, Room 3131 MRB III) Luisa Escobar-Hoyos, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, “Filling in the therapeutic ‘GAP’ for pancreatic cancer: The missing link between oncogenic Kras and mutant p53”

March 25: Anna Akhmanova, Utrecht University, “Regulation of microtubule dynamics: Seeing proteins and drugs in action”

April 1: Cody Smith, Notre Dame, “How invasion and glia build the nervous system: insight into development and regeneration”

April 8: Caroline Burns & Geoffrey Burns, Massachusetts General Hospital, “Novel insights into cardiovascular development and regeneration”

April 11: (Thursday, 3131 MRB III) Buddy Weissman, University of North Carolina, “De-BAFling the role of mutations in SWI/SNF complex components in human tumor development”

April 17: Vivien Casagrande Lecture in Systems Neuroscience (Wednesday, 4:10 pm, 1220 MRB III) Carol Mason, Columbia University, “The path from eye to brain for binocular vision: lessons from the albino visual system.” Co-sponsored by the Vanderbilt Brain Institute and The Department of Psychological Sciences.

April 22: William Weiss, University of California – San Francisco, “Human stem cell models for pediatric cancers”

April 29: Valentina Greco, Yale University, “Principles of tissue dynamics and function captured by live imaging”

April 30: (Tuesday, 11:00 am, 3131 MRB III)  Qiangjun Zhou, Stanford University, “Molecular mechanism of neurotransmitter release: locked until the last millisecond”