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Life in the MSTP – October 2019

Posted by on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 in Life in the MSTP, Science Advocacy, Student Spotlight .

James Satoshi LaDue was born to Ayaka Sugiura (G4) and Daniel LaDue on 9/30/19 at 8lb., 13oz. “We love him so much and can’t wait for everyone to meet him :),” says Ayaka!


The VUSM Deans and Student Wellness Committee invited students to submit artwork for display in the Eskind Biomedical Library and Learning Center. One of these pieces is “Into the New World” by Jay Kang (G2). “I drew this piece as a birthday present for my mother’s 60th birthday. In Korea, this is called hwangap and is no ordinary birthday. It is a large celebration of longevity, reflective of the times when life expectancy was much lower, and involves lots of food and guests.

“In thinking about how to visually represent 60 years, I thought about how units of time are often divisible by 60. 60 years is a full lunar year calendar cycle, where you are returned to the same combination of zodiacal symbols of your birth year. 60 years old is also the retirement age in Korea and how the government defines the elderly for various benefits. In that sense, 60 years serves as a bridge between two entirely different worlds: youth and old age. The dimension traveling made me think of Alice in Wonderland.

“The girl in the picture is my mother, about to turn over the hourglass, representing her completion of her 60 year cycle and entry into a new world. While she doesn’t know what lies ahead of her, she is not afraid because a wise rabbit ⏤ my father ⏤ is by her side to guide her into this new world in which he has been residing for a while.”


“We had a Stahlman-Thomas family dinner last week with Jen, Nowrin, Courtney, myself, Evelyn, and Aaron at the Mockingbird! We fully recommend the chicken pot pie!” – Zach Jones (M2)


Multiple generations of family members met up for an Avery-Cohen family dinner!



The MSTP Outreach Committee volunteered at the 2019 annual VI4 MEGAMicrobes event to teach children in the community about microbiology!


Stephanie Dudzinski (G5) captained the Batson Spirit Showdown for the 5th time. With the help of her MSTP family members Sam Beik (G2) and Allie Lake (M1), Batson College won first place in the College Cup 2019 Spirit Showdown!


Goodpasture MSTPs brought a scientific flair to Gabbe’s pumpkin carving contest team at College Cup! The theme was “The Great Frontier,” interpreted as the frontier of biomedical research.


Candace Grisham (M1)’s “musculoskeletal breakdown” after the 400 at College Cup 2019.