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Yes, but not at the same time. The programs have independent admissions committees, and applicants can be evaluated by only one committee at a time. If a student is offered admission to the MD program, he or she may request to be considered for the MSTP at that time. Alternatively, if a student is not granted admission to the MSTP, he or she may request an application to the MD only program considered by the School of Medicine Admissions Committee prior to November 15, 2019.

The MCAT is REQUIRED for admission to the MSTP. The GRE is not considered in the evaluation process.

Yes, tuition for medical school and graduate school is covered by the program. In addition, students receive an annual stipend of $31,500 (2019-2020), health insurance, fees, and a moving bonus upon matriculation into the program.

Yes, all students admitted to the program receive the same financial support.

Yes, however, the letters from your research advisors and course instructors are the most valuable. Additional letters do not provide a significant advantage to you in the admissions process.

No, the MSTP Leadership Team selects applicants to interview after reviewing the secondary application and the letters of recommendation.