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Director’s Corner

Apr. 30, 2019—by Dr. Chris Williams (Vanderbilt MSTP Director) This is one of my favorite times of the year. The seasons are changing, warmer weather has arrived, and outdoor activities ensue. Within the MSTP, the M1s have hit their stride, and the M2s have adapted to the dynamic nature of clinical medicine and the constantly changing teams...

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Training the Physician-Scientist: Views from Program Directors and Aspiring Young Investigators

Feb. 26, 2019—Read MSTP Director Christopher Williams, MD, PhD‘s Op-Ed published recently in JCI Insight. Training the physician-scientist: views from program directors and aspiring young investigators. Williams CS, Iness AN, Baron RM, Ajijola OA, Hu PJ, Vyas JM, Baiocchi R, Adami AJ, Lever JM, Klein PS, Demer L, Madaio M, Geraci M, Brass LF, Blanchard M, Salata...

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Double Feature: Get to know Vanderbilt MSTP Director and Alumnus Chris Williams, M.D., Ph.D. (’02)

Jan. 31, 2019—by Rachel Brown (G2) As Vanderbilt MSTP trainees know, our own MSTP Director, Dr. Chris Williams, graduated from the Vanderbilt MSTP in 2002. Thus, we decided that an official Alumni Profile of Dr. Williams was long overdue. I sat down with Dr. Williams to ask him more about his training path, life as a physician-scientist,...

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Meet Dr. Lourdes Estrada: MSTP Associate Director of Academic Programs and Operations

Aug. 23, 2016—by Maggie Axelrod (M2) Dr. Lourdes Estrada is joining the MSTP leadership team as an Associate Director, stepping into Michelle Grundy’s position, officially starting in September. Dr. Grundy will be with us until the end of December, and will serve on the Senior Oversight Committee after that. I got to know Dr. Estrada as a...

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Get to know Dr. Ambra Pozzi: MSTP Associate Director of Graduate Education

Aug. 23, 2016—by Rachel Brown (M2) After serving as an Avery-Cohen college advisor for 9 years, Dr. Ambra Pozzi will be joining the MSTP Leadership Team as Associate Director for Graduate Education.  She will work in close collaboration with Dr. Danny Winder in providing support and guidance for our students during the graduate phase of their training,...

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Director’s Corner: Integration of Physician-Scientist Education and Training

Jul. 27, 2016—by Christopher Williams (Vanderbilt MSTP Director) On Being an MSTP Director I am thrilled and honored to have been asked to serve as the director of Vanderbilt’s Medical Scientist Training Program. I certainly feel humbled to know that I am following in the footsteps of outstanding institutional leaders, including Daryl Granner (7 years), David Robertson (10...

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