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MSTP Leadership Workshop I

Posted by on Friday, April 30, 2021 in MSTP Workshop News .

by Matt Madden (G4)

On April 23, the G1 and G2 classes participated in Leadership Workshop I. The workshop is designed to equip junior graduate students with skills not ordinarily covered by medical and graduate school curricula. Originally scheduled for October 2020, the planning committee adjusted to COVID and held the event completely over Zoom. Mark Cannon, PhD, Professor in Peabody College and Owen Graduate School of Management and expert in adult learning and providing feedback, returned as facilitator for the workshop. Hour-and-a-half blocks focused on individuals’ values and motivation, setting expectations and giving feedback, and group dynamics. Participants also discussed their strengths, including potentially overused strengths, after completing a CliftonStrengths assessment.

To maintain enthusiasm over Zoom, sections were kept to approximately 20 minutes or less and alternated between large group didactic and smaller group case discussions. Feedback from participants included “this was the best Zoom thing I have attended yet” and “my attention span is pretty short, so the frequent switches were good at keeping me engaged,” suggesting that the format achieved its goal. Workshop sessions on individual strengths, setting expectations, and providing feedback also received praise. 

The workshop ended with a Keynote Address that evening by Chef Tony Mantuano who is a decorated chef and renowned leader in the fast-paced culinary world. As a founding chef at Spiaggia in Chicago, he molded the restaurant into a Michelin-starred dining experience and was awarded Best Chef Midwest in 2005. His numerous accomplishments include co-authorship of Wine Bar Food, serving as a judge in BRAVO TV’s “Top Chef”, and receiving honors from President Barack Obama for his culinary contributions to diplomacy. Currently, Chef Tony Mantuano guides the development and execution of the culinary program at The Joseph, a Luxury Collection Hotel, here in Nashville.

Thank you to the G1 and G2 participants, facilitator Dr. Mark Cannon, and planning committee members: G2s Juan Colazo and Michael Rudloff, G3s Thao Le and Maxwell Roeske, G4s Lizzie Flook and myself, and leadership team members Bryn Sierra and Dr. Chris Williams.