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2021 Mini-MSTP Events

Posted by on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 in Science Advocacy .

By Jeewoo Kim (M2) and Natalie Bennett (G3)

The Vanderbilt MSTP hosted its annual Mini-MSTP event this year in a virtual format. This year’s new style was adapted from previous years’ events, where approximately 150 local 5th and 6th grade students would come to Vanderbilt across two days to learn about medicine and science. During these sessions, students would perform experiments, observe heart and lung demonstrations, create thumb prosthetics, practice microscopy, and learn physical exam skills. Students would also get to participate in a Q&A session with MSTP students to learn about physician-scientist education and other careers in science and medicine. The Outreach Committee did not want students to miss out on these opportunities this year, so the decision was made to convert Mini-MSTP to a series of virtual sessions.

Our virtual Mini-MSTP was able to reach 400 students in Dickson County Schools! Similar to the previous events, students were able to extract their own strawberry DNA and watch an organ recital video about hearts and lungs either from home or as a classroom over Zoom. Our MSTP volunteers were able to work together from the Eskind Biomedical Library (pictured here) or join in from home as well. Students had opportunities to ask their excellent science questions to our MSTP volunteers and learn about MD/PhD training. Thanks to all of the MSTP student volunteers for another year of great Mini-MSTP events! 


Pictured: MSTP volunteers showing the students over Zoom how to isolate their own strawberry DNA. Left – Xavier Bledsoe (G2), Right – Chris Wijers (G4) and Nada Elsayed (M2).