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High School Mentorship Program

Posted by on Tuesday, December 27, 2022 in Science Advocacy .

by Yasminye Pettway (G3)

The Vanderbilt MSTP High School Mentoring Program was founded in 2020 by Thao Le (G5). The program’s mission is to provide high school students from underrepresented backgrounds with exposure to careers in medicine and biomedical research as well as opportunities for mentorship that will affirm their potential for success. This academic year, we are excited to partner with LEAD Southeast High School, where we matched 10 high school students interested in science and medicine with 10 MSTP students across all stages of the program. Students recently found out their matches via a virtual Mentor-Mentee Reveal event which was a great success, and we look forward to more events this upcoming semester! Thanks to all the mentors for your participation and our planning committee (Yasminye Pettway—G3, Donald Okoye—G3, Kaitlin McKernan—G1, Ericka Randazzo—G1, Kevin Zhang—M2, Adam Abdulrahman—M2) for your help!