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Dr. Kevin B. Churchwell (MD ’87) Gives Chapman Lecture

Posted by on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 in Uncategorized .

by Ayesha Muhammad (M4)

Dr. Kevin B. Churchwell (MD ’87), president and CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), is this year’s recipient of the John E. Chapman Medal from the Academy for Excellence in Education. On April 24th, he delivered a talk entitled “The Importance of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Medical Education in the Hospital Setting.” He highlighted several recent initiatives taken by BCH, including opportunities for community-wide discussion (such as “Reflection Rounds”) and training resources (including the ACT model)1. These resources were drawn from real-world scenarios, including Dr. Chuchwell’s own experience as an undergraduate of being wrongfully arrested and handcuffed without being read his rights. Dr. Churchwell also highlighted 7 concrete institutional goals to ensure the sustainability of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives at BCH and prevent them from becoming a “flavor of the month.” He shared the recent creation of the Sandra L. Fenwick Institute for Pediatric Health Equity and Inclusion. The tripartite mission of the institute is research, supported by mentorship programs and research grants, inclusion through structured fellowships for early- and mid-career faculty, and advocacy at the public policy level. 

Following his lecture, Dr. Churchwell met with students and highlighted the importance of trainee voices in instituting change. He encouraged trainees, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, to remember the importance of their perspectives in the face of impostor syndrome. He also recounted the racism that his family experienced decades ago in Nashville. While warning against complacency, he also suggested that, despite current challenges, he can see clear historical progress and expects a bright future for Tennessee and Nashville.  

  1. Barker, J, “Standing up to microaggressions: A hospital-wide training,” Sept 2021.


Dr Churchwell (third from right), President and CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital, and this year’s recipient of the John E. Chapman Medal, after lunch with VMS MD and MSTP students, including Megan Tigue (G2), Ben Fowler (M4) and Ayesha Muhammad (M4).


Dr. Lourdes Estrada, MSTP Associate Director and Director of the Academy for Excellence in Education, presents Dr. Churchwell the Chapman Medal.