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Revitalization of the MSTP Newsletter

Posted by on Thursday, April 27, 2023 in Student Spotlight .

As M1s in 2015, Rachel Brown (M4), Maggie Axelrod (M4), and Abin Abraham (’22) recognized the need for a platform that could connect the program’s community, share news and achievements, and provide valuable insights into the MSTP for prospective students. In previous years, the MSTP had a printed newsletter, but it had died out. Working with Dr. Michelle Grundy and later Dr. Megan Williams, they took on the task of revitalizing the newsletter digitally, simultaneously creating content for the program website. In 2016, they enlisted the help of Jay Kang (M4) to come up with a new logo for their header. Jay created the awesome pipette and stethoscope logo that the newsletter uses to this day.

Rachel, Maggie, and Abin led the newsletter for 5 years before handing it over to a new cohort of students, creating unique segments like MSTPets and MSTPstar, and establishing a consistent monthly publishing schedule. Through the newsletter, they got to know faculty and college associate advisors and enjoyed celebrating everyone’s accomplishments, both personal and professional, throughout the years. They appreciate everyone who contributed to the newsletter over the years and hope it will continue for years to come.

A guide to the newsletter presented at SEMSS 2018