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MSTP Student Leader Summit

Posted by on Thursday, September 28, 2023 in MSTP Workshop News .

by Drew Kittleson (G2) and Sarah Reed (G3)

On September 14, Leadership Team members and MSTP student committee leaders gathered for the biennial Student Leader Summit, designed to connect student leaders and highlight institutional resources for committee programming. This year’s iteration put specific emphasis on collaborations between committees with shared goals and understanding our program’s ten physician scientist competencies. Our wonderful student leaders participated in active discussions about best practices and highlighted practical recommendations for leading initiatives within the MSTP. Several important and tangible takeaways from the event include the creation of an MSTP student leader listserv, the revamp of existing committee manuals to include focus on ADI considerations and leadership transitions, and plans for collaborative events between committees. The summit was well-attended with representatives from all 16 student-led committees present and engaged. Special thanks to Bryn Sierra, Sarah Reed, and Drew Kittleson for organizing this event!