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MSTP Seminar Wellness Panel

Posted by on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 in MSTP Workshop News .

by Jack Trapani (G1)

To kick off the new year, the MSTP Wellness Committee hosted MSTP Seminar on Wednesday, January 3rd. Titled “Making Space for Your Personal Life,” Drs. Ben Ho Park, Brian Grieb, Nathaniel Bloodworth, Jeffrey Schmeckpeper, Celestine Wanjalla, and Jean Wassenaar spoke as panelists. They each gave students actionable advice on how to advocate for their personal lives throughout training. In a heartfelt discussion, panelists described their personal challenges during physician-scientist training, how they communicated these challenges to their place of work, and what steps they took to set up boundaries between their work and personal lives. A common theme mentioned during this discussion was to never lose sight of how our lives outside of work are far more important than our lives at work.