Rachel Brown (M2)
September 9, 2016

Here’s an ode to our furry (or not so furry) friends who help us study for anatomy practicals, keep us company while we write our papers and thesis dissertations, and welcome us home after a long shift on surgery.


JN Gallant_Sam and Wilbur.jpeg

MSTPets: Sam (Doberman-Great Pyrenees mixed breed dog) and Wilbur (Dalmatian-Longhaired Dachshund-Harrier mixed breed dog)
Ages: 1 year old (7 dog years old) and 3 years old (21 dog years old)
MSTParents: Jean-Nicolas Gallant (G3) and Jessica Gallant (Nissan Engineer)
Areas of Research: Effects of Canine Vocalization on Aves (Sam) and Effects of Salivation on Testicular Regeneration (Wilbur)
Fun Fact 1: Sam sleeps on his back with all four paws in the air.
Fun Fact 2: Wilbur pees with all 4 legs on the ground.



MSTPet: Nimdah
Age: 5 years old
​MSTParents: Dr. Megan Williams (MSTP Assistant Director) and Dr. Jon Williams
Field of Study: Somnology (Study of Sleep)
Fun Fact: I got Nimdah in the middle of grad school when my P.I.’s neighbor’s cat had kittens. Since the lab studied glutamatergic transmission in the brain, I proudly named him after the NMDA Receptor. True to his name, Nimdah loves helping with science, whether it’s studying for a qualifying exam or writing a dissertation.


Rachel Brown_Buffy Brown.jpg

MSTPet: Buffy Brown (Guinea Pig)
Age: 1.5 years old
​MSTParent: Rachel Brown (M2)
Research Interests: Effects of Basil Overconsumption on Tummy Circumference
Fun Fact: Buffy’s favorite artery is the basilar artery.


Nick Harris_Max and Brandy.jpg

MSTPets: Maxwell and Brandy Harris
Ages: 7 years old and 3 years old
​MSTParents: Nick Harris (G3) and Kelly Harris (Pediatrics Resident)
Research Interests: Molecular Gastronomy (Maxwell) and Neural Correlates of Cuddling (Brandy)
Fun Fact 1: Both Maxwell and Brandy are “Couch to 5K” and “5K to 10K” graduates.
Fun Fact 2: Although they may look like twins and are currently inseparable, genetic testing showed that Brandy and Maxwell only have one great-grandparent (a Dachshund) in common.


Merla Hubler_Felix.jpg

MSTPet: Felix
Age: 1 year old
MSTParent: Merla Hubler (G4)
Research Question: Is Felis catus box-sitting dependent on the ratio of fluff to will?
Felix Says: “I'm shy, but I have very quick reflexes.”


Merla Hubler_Sep.jpg

MSTPet: Sep
Age: 1 year old
MSTParent: Merla Hubler (G4)
Area of Research: Effects of Meowing on Owner Irritation Between 5 and 7 am
Sep Says: “I will literally eat anything, because I'm always starving since my mom never feeds me!”



MSTPet: Sadie (Yellow Labrador - British)
Age: 2.5 years old
MSTParents: Dr. Lourdes Estrada (MSTP Associate Director), DJ Chesnut (teenager who plays but doesn't feed), Larry Chesnut (teaches me manners)
Field of Study: Kinesiology and dreaming to play for MLB
Fun Fact: Sadie loves her blanket as much as Linus van Pelt (Peanuts: Happiness Is a Warm Blanket)


Ben Brown_Louigi.jpg

MSTPet: Louigi Brown
MSTParents: Benjamin Brown (M2) and Family
Age: 10 years old
First Publication: Effects of Various Ingested Materials on the Adhesive Properties of Saliva (Nature 2014)
Fun Fact: Loui’s head is the same size as our French bulldog’s (Lola’s) entire body, but he still lets her win at tug-of-war.


Kelsey McNew_Quinoa and Chia.jpg

MSTPets: Quinoa and Chia
Age: 5 months
​MSTParents: Kelsey McNew (MSTP M2) and Catie Havemann (VMS1)
Research Interests: Anal Gas Evacuation and the Colonic Microbiome (Chia) and Hanging out in the mouse room (Quinoa)


Reba and Chiquita_Andy Hale.png.jpg

MSTPets: Chiquita and Reba
Ages: 1.5 years old and 7 years old
​MSTParent: Andy Hale (M2)
Research Interest: Effects of Treats on Reward Circuitry and Feeding Behavior