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Nick Petersen

Danny Winder Lab, G3

Graduate Program: Neuroscience

Hometown: Davie, FL

Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University

Research Interests: I am interested in the underlying neurophysiology of addiction and addiction-associated disorders. Specifically, I study noradrenergic modulation of wake-promoting dopamine neurons in the ventral periaqueductal gray in the context of alcohol use. My goal is to better understand the synaptic physiology of these neurons in alcohol-associated disordered sleeping by using mouse models of alcohol use combined with ex vivo patch-clamp electrophysiology and fluorescence imaging.

MSTP Leadership: Student Advisory Committee (2017-2019), Goodpasture CAB Leader (2019-Present), APSA Representative (2020-Present)

Interests/Hobbies: I love art, music, gardening, traveling, cooking, and spending time with my partner, Josh, and dog, Luna