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Rachel E. Brown, Ph.D.

Chris Williams Lab, M4

Email: rachel(dot)e(dot)brown(at)vanderbilt(dot)edu (substitute symbols where appropriate)

Graduate Program: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: Myeloid Translocation Genes (MTGs) Coordinate Intestinal and Colonic Epithelial Differentiation, Regeneration, and Tumorigenesis

Hometown: Millington, NJ

Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland, College Park

Research Interests: I am interested in epithelial biology and cancer. Specifically, I study colitis-associated carcinoma. Currently my work focuses on the role of the MTG transcriptional corepressors in intestinal homeostasis, response to injury, and tumorigenesis.

MSTP Leadership: MSTP Communications Committee, MSTP Outreach Committee, MSTP Student Interviewer, MSTP College Advisory Board, MSTP Retreat Planning Committee, MSTP Student Advisory Committee

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