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Administrative Resources


  • Keys are obtained from our Biochemistry Keymaster via RedCap request
    • Key request form
    • Brandee Mills, 615-343-1154 or
    • All Biochemistry Faculty are allotted two conference room keys — one personal key and one communal key which should be placed in a central location accessible to all lab members. See below on details for making room reservations.
  • Keycard access to 6th floor Light Hall shared lab space is authorized through Delta via VUMC Facilities Management
  • For general building access, contact Vanderbilt Basic Sciences Human Resources or F.I.R.M.



View READ ONLY availability of shared conference rooms:

                602 LH (seats 14-16, TV monitor with connectivity)

                618 LH (seats 40, TV monitor with connectivity)

                876 RRB (seats ~20, TV monitor with connectivity)

                676 RRB (seats 20, projector and teleconferencing phone)


After using shared spaces, please clean the whiteboards, raise blinds, and turn off TV. Thank you.

Room reservations are made via email to these Biochemistry Representatives:

Brandee Mills

Jen Smith

Kathy Trisler

Alma Diane Denson