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Postdoctoral Community

Welcome to the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology! We are glad that you are interested in our department for post-doctoral studies. Post-doctoral scholars in the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology have access to cutting-edge technologies, world-class scientists, and thorough career training. Research interests of our faculty, span from molecular cell biology to organogenesis. We invite you to contact our faculty members directly ( to discuss your specific research interests as a post-doctoral scholar. Outside the lab, post-doctoral scholars are invited to develop presentation skills through participation in journal clubs and research-in-progress seminars. You will also have excellent opportunities to network with other scientists at departmental retreats and other events.

There are no teaching requirements for post-doctoral scholars at Vanderbilt, though if you are interested in this aspect of training, excellent resources are available through:

In addition, all post-doctoral scholars within the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology have access to excellent career funding and resources and are members of Vanderbilt’s Post-Doctoral Association. They provide tools for campus-wide networking, re-location resources for moving to Nashville, and long-term career planning.

Additional support can be found on the Vanderbilt Biomedical Research and Training (BRET) Post Doctoral Resources Website.

Thank you for your interest in post-doctoral studies in the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology.