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Foundational Science Courses

All your following years of training will deliberately build upon the M1 foundation, so your first-year courses focus on conceptual understanding, rather than rote memorization.

In your M1 year, you will take six foundational science courses, arranged sequentially, each ranging from 6-12 weeks and followed by an end-of-block exam.

  • Human Blueprint & Architecture
  • Microbes & Immunity
  • Homeostasis
  • Renal & Digestion
  • Reproduction & Endocrine
  • Brain, Behavior, & Movement

Though your week schedule includes lectures, labs, and time for individual study, the heart of the M1 curriculum lies in case-based learning:

  1. Gather with a small group of students each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning
  2. Review a clinical case relating to your current block
  3. Discuss with your faculty facilitator potential differential diagnoses and treatment for the case
  4. Research on your own to collect relevant information and piece the symptom clues together
  5. Discover the actual condition causing these symptoms and make a final differential diagnosis

Weekly Schedule Example

FMK Weekly Example Schedule