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Master Clinical Teachers Program

Master Clinical Teachers Program

Personalized education— it’s the heartbeat of our clerkship experience

For decades, our medical center has been setting standards for personalized medical care, and our medical education is personalized to match.

That’s why we pioneered Master Clinical Teachers, a one-of-a-kind program that gives second-year medical students individualized time with expert clinicians in each clinical rotation.

Hands-on learning taught by cutting-edge clinicians

Each Master Clinical Teacher (MCT) is a carefully selected physician— an expert in their field —who’ll spend an hour one-on-one with you every two to three weeks.

The MCT on your clinical rotation will observe you work with a patient from start to finish, as you:

  • establish a professional and caring relationship with the patient
  • conduct a thorough history and physical examination
  • use your medical knowledge to diagnose and initiate treatment of disease states

Afterwards, they’ll provide you with immediate feedback on everything from accurate diagnosis to your professionalism.

And you’ll get a chance to ask questions, too. Share with your MCT what’s most difficult for you— anything from the history exam to hearing heart murmurs —and they’ll give you on-the-spot guidance in that area.

Medical excellence paired with intensive, individual instruction. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Building on strong foundations

The Master Clinical Teachers program builds on what you’ve already learned in your first-year Physical Diagnosis (PDx) course, but MCT takes that small-group setting to a new level.

In PDx, you entered the clinic with a preceptor and three other first-years. Here you’ll be working one-on-one with a physician.

In PDx, you learned the basis of physical diagnosis. Here, you’ll put this knowledge to work in real life situations.

Over the course of your six eight-week clerkship blocks, you’ll work with at least six of our expert clinicians, who’ll track your progress towards independence. With this highly individualized instruction, you’re not likely to forget the lessons you learn during your second year. The foundations you lay in clerkship will set you up to excel during advanced clinical experiences and acting internships in your third and fourth years.

For more information on the Master Clinical Teachers program, please email Travis W. Crook, MD or call (615) 936-8555.

Meet our Master Clinical Teachers