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Immersion Longitudinal Elements

Train for the Home Stretch


Student-directed research is a crucial element of the Immersion Phase. This is when you plan, conduct, and evaluate your own 3-6 month mentored research project, culminating in a research paper ready to submit for publication.

Foundations of Health Care Delivery – Immersion Phase

Building on the foundations laid by FHD1 and 2, your Immersion phase FHD units cover professional topics like giving bad news, sustaining clinical change, and building cultural competency.

As with all Immersion elements, you choose where to fit these 11 units into your M3 and M4 years. Plus, protected FHD hours are built into Tuesday afternoons so that you can complete any necessary coursework or face-to-face sessions.

Learning Communities

After countless conversations and gatherings, your Learning Community cohort grows closer than ever during Immersion.

The hours you’ve spent together over the past few years continue to bear fruit through conversations about health care leadership, personal growth, and medical ethics. Together, you’ll talk through tricky ethical situations that might come up in clinic and take time for self-reflection as this phase of your medical education comes to a close.