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FHD: Immersion Phase

During the third and fourth years (Immersion Phase), students complete 11 required FHD immersion units designed to provide students with advanced skills. These units are offered in a series of three Immersion Weeks (two units at a time) and the other five are offered in a month-long unit, various times of the year.

Each month-long unit is equivalent to 16-20 hours of curricular time. These courses are primarily self-directed, asynchronous learning via online modules, experiential learning and simulation. Students may take only one FHD: Immersion Phase unit at a time and will co-register in these units alongside other
Immersion Phase courses (with the exception of Acting Internships). Students have protected time each Tuesday afternoon (1-5 p.m.) of the unit to complete FHD work. Students will meet as a group with the block/unit directors on specific Tuesdays of each unit from 1-5 p.m. for a face-to-face didactic session.