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Au.D. Clinical Education Placements

The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center and the Vanderbilt University Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences work closely with the Vanderbilt Medical Center complex and consequently offer a variety of clinical education placements. Students will be placed for educational experiences in clinical sites located away from the Vanderbilt University campus. Students should be prepared to travel up to 60 miles from the Vanderbilt University campus to reach off-site placements.

  • Odess Balance and Hearing Center , Department of Otolaryngology–Various experiences including hearing assessments, electrophysiology,  middle ear testing, and vestibular assessments including a risk-of-falls center.
  • Audiology Clinic, MCE – Comprehensive hearing assessments for adults and children, hearing aid and bone anchored implant selections and fittings and rehabilitation; tinnitus evaluations and management, and adult and pediatric cochlear implant programs.
  • Audiology Clinic, Franklin Walk-In Clinic (WIC) – Comprehensive hearing assessments for adults and children, tinnitus evaluations vestibular assessment, and hearing aid fittings.
  • Doctors Office Tower (Monroe Carrell, Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt) –Complete audiologic assessment and rehabilitation program for pediatric patients; includes sedated ABRs and newborn hearing screenings along with a variety of specialty clinics.

Additional Opportunities:

  • Veterans Administration of Nashville, Murfreesboro and Clarksville – Comprehensive diagnostics, hearing aid selection and fitting.
  • Veterans Administration, Clarksdale Outpatient Clinic – Hearing assessments and hearing aid selection and fitting
  • Local Medical Clinics – developing opportunities for NICU screenings or other services on a limited basis.
  • Remote newborn hearing screenings – follow-up ABR screenings and diagnostics provided via telepractice, available on a limited basis.