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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Related Research

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion related research

Research spotlight:

Pediatric hearing aid daily wear time is significantly impacted by clinician-family language discordance.


Learn more about a study published in the American Journal of Audiology by AuD and PhD students (first author: Nicole Brigham), audiologists, and faculty members (Drs. Anne Marie Tharpe and Erin Picou) in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences.



Research spotlight:

Diversity of research participant gender, race, and ethnicity in communication sciences and disorders: A systematic review of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Publications in 2020. 

Learn more about a study on the representation of research participants in communication sciences and disorders by PhD students (first author: Ryan Millager), postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members (Drs. Tiffany Woynaroski and Robin Jones) in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences.