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Deborah Levy

PhD Candidate

Aphasia and Language Imaging Lab, Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephen M. Wilson

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


  • BA, Psychology and Linguistics, New York University (New York, NY)

Hobbies and interests: Crafting, film, running very slowly, playing guitar

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  • Levy, D.F., Wilson, S.M. (2018) Neural representation of phonemic categories in tonotopic auditory cortex. Poster presentation, Tenth Annual Conference of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language.
  • Fisher, J., Dick, F.K., Levy, D.F., Wilson, S.M. (2018). Neural representation of vowel formants in tonotopic auditory cortex. NeuroImage, 178, 574-582.
  • Ezzyat, Y., Kragel, J.E., Burke, J.F., Levy, D.F., Lyalenko, A., Wanda, P., et al. (2017). Direct brain stimulation modulates encoding states and memory performance in humans. Current Biology, 27, 1-8.
  • Ramayya, A.G., Pedisich, I., Levy, D.F., Lyalenko, A., Wanda, P., Rizzuto, D., et al. (2017). Proximity of substantia nigra microstimulation to putative GABAergic neurons predicts modulation of human reinforcement learning. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 11, 200.
  • Levy, D.F. (2014). Perception Is Sticky: How We See What “Isn’t” There. Poster presentation, New York University Undergraduate Research Conference.