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Jourdan Holder

PhD Candidate

Cochlear Implant Research Lab, Principal Investigator: Dr. René H. Gifford

Hometown: Katy, Texas


  • BS, Audiology, 2012, University of Texas, 2012 (Austin, TX)
  • AuD, Audiology, 2016, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)

Hobbies and interests: traveling, concerts, golf

Social Media:

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Research Description:

My work focuses on improving outcomes for children and adults with cochlear implants both in the clinic and the research lab. As a clinical audiologist, I understand the need for improving outcomes for patients with hearing loss to improve communication and quality of life. As a hearing scientist, I am interested in clinically translational research focused on improving outcomes through a personalized medicine approach including cochlear implant selection, electrode placement, programming parameters, and aural (re)habilitation.


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