February 27, 2017

MSTP Celebrations - February

The Vanderbilt MSTP wants to help celebrate these exciting events in our students lives!


M1 gathering.jpeg

The M1 class gathered for a potluck at the house of Melissa Krasnove from the MSTP Leadership Team. They really enjoyed playing with Melissa’s kids, Alex, who knows the mascots of all the basketball teams, and Natalie, who really enjoys playing with monster trucks. They also celebrated Ben Fowler’s birthday with one lemon tart, two pumpkin rolls, and two cakes.



Alex Sundermann has been elected new MSTP CCO (Council of Class Officers) Representative. The MSTP CCO representative is a new position that will be filled by chair-elect for the MSTP SAC each year. A SAC chair-elect will be elected every year and will fulfill the CCO representative position for one year, the next year he/she will be the SAC chair and a new SAC chair-elect will be established.


MSTP Students and Alumni, do you have an event you would like to share for MSTP Celebrations? Whether your life event is big or small, we want to help you celebrate! Please send a photo and caption to mdphd@vanderbilt.edu. Examples of celebrations could include winning an award, traveling to a conference or on a fun vacation, running a marathon, having a baby, adopting a pet, buying a house, getting engaged or married and anything that is special and important to you.