Gabriela DiCarlo (G1)
June 13, 2016


This year over 120 middle school students from Dickson County Middle Schools (Dickson County Middle School, William James Middle School, and Charlotte Middle School) and LEAD Academy Middle School took part in the mini-MSTP, an outreach program designed to bring awareness of MD/PhD training programs and STEM career paths to these young students. The event occurred over the course of two days, with students from each school system spending one day at Vanderbilt. The students partook in both the bench and bedside practices of MSTP students.

These activities included isolating DNA, identifying bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibilities, building prosthetic models, observing pathological and healthy human lung samples, and practicing basic life-support skills. As part of this program, we also performed on-site experiments with students at a correctional public school (New Directions Academy). This year 20% of current MSTP students took part in organizing and running the mini-MSTP. Thank you to all who participated! We are looking forward to another successful mini-MSTP next year.