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Acting Internships

The Acting Internship (AI) is an intensive, inpatient experience designed to provide the student with increased responsibilities for the assessment and management of patients. Students are integrated into the health care team and call schedule. During their AI, students assume ownership for the overall care of their assigned patients for the entire continuum of admission to discharge including transitions of care. In a closely supervised setting, the Acting Intern will experience the roles and responsibilities of an intern on the team.

The student will not participate in the longitudinal requirements (FHD) during this rotation, in order to focus their time on developing the important skills that will enable the student to transition to the intern role upon completion of medical school.

The AI will be expected to

  1. Write daily notes, perform H&Ps, discharge summaries where appropriate.
  2. Discuss and enter patient orders for a supervising physician to cosign.
  3. Triage cross-cover concerns where appropriate.
  4. Respond to calls (such as through paging) for patient care needs under the supervision of a physician.
  5. Perform patient care handovers under the supervision of a resident where appropriate.
  6. Assume ownership of a level of patient census closer to that of an intern. The student may start the 4-week rotation with approx. 2-3 patients and end the rotation with approx. 6-8. The AI should perform an independent assessment and formulate a workup and treatment plan for each patient.

Assessment in the AI 

The final grade in the Immersion Phase the AI will be assigned as honors/high pass/pass/fail (H/HP/P/F). Immersion Phase grades will address performance in six separate, but equally important competency domains: Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Systems-Based Practice, and Professionalism. Grading of performance within each competency domain can be informed by a variety of assessment methods that will include milestone-based assessment (specifically, these eight milestones are utilized in all AIs) and four Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs).

  • EPA 4: Enter and discuss orders and prescriptions
  • EPA 5: Document a clinical encounter in the patient record
  • EPA 8: Give or receive a patient handover to transition care responsibility
  • EPA 10: Recognize a patient requiring urgent or emergent care and initiate evaluation and management

View the Core Entrustable Professional Activities for more information.

Acting Internships 

Acting internships are offered from March through September. The majority of students will need to complete their acting internships prior to submission of their residency applications; however, this may not apply to all the fields of medicine. Students should discuss their optimal schedule with their portfolio coach.

Course Director Course No. Course Name
Weaver, Eleanor MED 5611 AI: Medicine, VU
Weaver, Eleanor MED 5624 AI: Medicine, Hospitalist
Campbell, Ian MED 5616 AI: Medicine, VAH
Bastarache, Julie MED 5619 AI: Critical Care, VAH (prereq: ISC Critical Illness)
Punnoose, Lynn MED 5623 AI: Cardiology
Punnoose, Lynn MED 5691 AI: Cardiac Critical Care
Garrison, Etoi OBGN 5620 AI: Maternal Fetal Medicine
Curlin, Howard OBGN 5645 AI: Operative Gynecology
Crook, Travis PED 5611 AI: Pediatric Medicine
Engelstad, Holly PED 5815 AI: Neonatology
Yang, Aaron PMR 5615 AI: PM&R
Finlayson, Reid PSYCH 5655 AI: Addiction Psychiatry
Patel, Mayur SURG 5612 AI: Surgery, VAH
Duke, Meredith SURG 5619 AI: GI/Lap Surgery
Geevarghese, Sunil SURG 5628 AI: Hepatobiliary
Morgan, Walter SURG 5665 AI: Pediatric Surgery
Bailey, Christina SURG 5675 AI: Surgical Oncology
Drolet, Brian SURG 5675 AI: Plastic Surgery
Gondek, Stephen SURG 5850 AI: Trauma (prereq: ISC Injury, Repair and Rehab)


Rotating at the VA

Students who rotate at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital need to initiate the process to gain computer access at least six weeks in advance of their rotation. Please turn in completed checklist and documents to Carol Clark at the VA (or 615-873-7769) for any courses; Pio Poe can assist for any courses in Medicine if students have questions or concerns.