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Advanced Electives

Advanced Electives can be non-clinical or clinical in nature and are designed to expose students to a wide-range of topics and concepts in medicine distinct from traditional clinical rotations. Advanced Electives courses fulfill a “competency/interest-driven” requirement and are graded as pass/fail. Most are offered in 4-week rotations, although some are offered longitudinally, such as Students as Teachers and Med School 101. Current AEs offered in the curriculum are below.

Course No. Course Name Course Director(s)
IDIS 5920 AE: Approaching End of Life Joseph Fanning and David Stevenson
IDIS 5935 AE: Career Exploration Amy Fleming
PED 5730 AE: Child Abuse Pediatric Med Deborah Lowen
IDIS 7222 AE: Ethics in Health Care: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives Joseph Fanning and Keith Meador
PATH 5680 AE: Forensic Pathology Jim Atkinson (with Thomas Deering, medical examiner)
MED 7200 AE: Global Health Doug Heimburger
IDIS 5610 AE: Med School 101 Bill Cutrer and Amy Fleming
SURG 5930 AE: Prep for Surg Internship Kyla Terhune
IDIS 5930 AE: Preparation for Internship Ban Allos
IDIS 5940 AE: Student Hotspotting Camellia Koleyni and Heather Davidson
MADM 5750 AE: Students as Teachers Kendra Parekh and Travis Crook