Individual Appointment Advising

The weekly CV/Resume Drop-In Clinic is available on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in Light Hall 340. Please bring your prepared resume or CV to be reviewed by Kim Petrie, Ashley Brady, or Kate Stuart. Sign in at the front desk. For any questions about the Drop-in Clinic, email Kate Stuart.

Confidential career advising appointments are available for VUMC graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to discuss any aspect of their professional development or job search activities, including:

  • preparing and applying for academic positions and post-docs.
  • graduate school survival skills.
  • salary negotiation.
  • presentation skills and interview tips.
  • writing CVs, résumés, and cover letters.
  • opportunities for scientists outside the academe.

Career advising meetings are available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons by appointment only. Meetings range from 30-60 minutes, depending on topics discussed.

To make a confidential appointment, please email Kim Petrie or call 615-322-6885.

If you are preparing for or actively engaged in the job search, please send your CV and/or resume to Kim Petrie in advance of the meeting, and bring two copies to the appointment. Also bring job search materials you may have, including job descriptions, cover letters, research structures, teaching philosophies, and other appropriate application material.

If you have taken the “myIDP Assessment” and want to discuss the results regarding the Career Match piece, please bring the results to the appointment.

Please be advised that graduate students and postdocs may need to wait up to four weeks for an appointment during busy periods.

Although we are not a job placement service (we don't find a specific job for you), the Office of Career Development is happy to help you strategize your next career move. We strongly encourage you to visit the Office of Career Development at least a year before you finish your post-doc or graduate education. It's never too early to start positioning yourself for a productive career!