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Professionalism Policy

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The BRET Office of Career Development ASPIRE Program provides the right tools for your career development toolbox so that you are equipped for the job search. We provide services but these resources should be treated with respect. Here are our recommendations regarding what it looks like to act professionally, since that process begins now:


Treat all commitments with integrity.
We realize that unexpected situations may arise that prevent attendance at an event or module. That said, absences are noticed, especially when they occur without communication.

  • Do you treat BRET Office of Career Development ASPIRE Program events as you would “business meetings”?
  • Are you being courteous?
  • Are you showing personal responsibility, even in situations outside of your control? Do you let someone know when you cannot come?
  • Do you understand that repeated absences convey lack of respect for faculty, speakers, and staff?


Communicate professionally.
Responding to emails, writing a clear message, and signing your name are important on every single communication piece you send.

  • Do you respond to emails in a timely fashion?
  • Do you communicate in a professional, business-like manner?


Take the initiative.
We enjoy helping you! But we have many resources already in place that may answer your question.

  • Have you searched for the answer to the problem before asking for help?
  • Have you defined your goal and diligently worked to solve your issue?


Command your own career strategy.
We are here to assist you along the way, but ultimately it is up to you to craft your own career development.

  • Have you thought critically about your career goals?
  • Do you understand your options?
  • Are you getting yourself where you need to be?


Manage your appearance.
Do not let how you present yourself to others distract them from seeing your talents.

  • Do you present yourself, physically and verbally, in a professional manner?
  • Do you put your best foot forward in all interactions?
  • Do you have a positive online footprint?


What is the impact of unprofessional behavior?

Building a strong professional reputation requires making consistent, thoughtful choices. Much like your future employer, the BRET Office of Career Development ASPIRE Program appreciates and rewards positive actions taken by respectful individuals. Negative interactions, such as not showing up to events for which we expect you, do impact our consideration for ASPIRE travel scholarships, admittance to capped-attendance events, and participation in special opportunities. We, like everyone else, assume your actions and behavior reflect your professional values. Please use discernment in your interactions with our office.


**For our recommendation on attire, please visit this page.