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Alumni Spotlight

The BRET Office of Career Development presents Alumni Spotlight, an interview with a former BRET PhD student or post-doc and written by a current BRET trainee. Hear how Vanderbilt has shaped an alumnus’s career path, skill set, and network, as well as what career advice they have to give. For more information or if you are interested in writing an Alumni Spotlight, contact Kate Stuart.


Erika Adkins Scholl, PhD

Pharmacology, 2000
Research Associate studying Pediatric Epilepsy, University of Utah


Nicole Garbarini, PhD

Neuroscience, 2008
Media and Communications Specialist, NIH Office of the Director

KHG photo-1.jpg

Kathy Goss, PhD

Cell Biology, 1997
Senior Science Writer, Director of Strategic Partnerships, University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

Holinstat picture-288x385.jpg

Michael Holinstat, PhD

Postdoc, Pharmacology 2008
Assistant Professor, Medicine and Biochemistry, Thomas Jefferson University


Kim Korwek, PhD

Neuroscience, 2009
Clinical Services, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

Flo Marlow.jpg

Florence Marlow, PhD

Molecular Biology, 2003
Associate Professor, Developmental & Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

AmyMoore color photo-233x291.jpg

Amy Moore, PhD

Postdoc, Biochemistry, 2008
Director of Research Programs, Georgia Research Alliance

Ray Price, PhD

Pharmacology, 2001
Research and Development, Bioseek


Jud Schneider, PhD

Cell & Developmental Biology, 2010
Scientific Director, Next GxDx

Anuuraag photo.png

Anuraag Sarangi, PhD

Neuroscience, 2009
Strategic Consultant, ETHOS Health Communications



Susanne Tranguch, PhD

Cell & Developmental Biology, 2007
Grants Editor, New York University