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ASPIRE Module: Management and Business Principles for Scientists


This module is offered in the spring

Business principles affect all organizations. In today’s highly competitive and highly complicated working environments, understanding these principles gives leaders and managers a strategic advantage, enabling them to handle situations more effectively and make decisions more effectively.

It is ideal for trainees interested in:

1) independent research careers in industry or academia (running a research lab in academia is often compared to owning a small business).

2) scientific or management careers in academic core facilities or contract research organizations.

3) any career outside the lab which requires business acumen!

The first few weeks of the module is interactive and didactic. In the second part of the module, participants will break into small teams to consult with consult with the director of a Vanderbilt Core Facility and develop a solution to a business or management challenge faced by the core. This project-based approach will give participants the opportunity to put course principles into practice.

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