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Modules: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: July 2018 

Module FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the ASPIRE Module Program.
Will this course appear on my transcript?No, the course will not show up on your transcript. The modules are not for course credit, thus there is no charge for the course. There is also no grade associated with the module, but participation in the module is something we would encourage you to include on your resume.
If the module is full, can I just sit in the back and listen? Or could I get the course notes?Some of our modules have attendee caps in place due to a variety of reasons, which may include required one-on-one time with the instructor, available materials, or space limitations. As such, we cannot allow those who are not admitted based on class size to simply “audit” the module. We make every effort to accommodate as many participants as possible and plan to offer the courses at least once a year, so there will be additional opportunities to participate.

We do not make class notes available. Most of the courses are designed to be interactive and include class participation, Q&A time, and direct feedback from instructors. Sharing of slide sets, when used, is also left up to the discretion of the instructor for a particular module.
I’m not a student/postdoc can I still apply?Yes, you may apply. As long as the class is not full, we do not mind if you attend. However, we will give priority to BRET graduate students and postdocs. Your participation may be denied if the class size is limited (this will be indicated in the registration information) and registration meets or exceeds this size. We will let you know via email once the registration is closed whether or not you may attend.
I will miss class on X day, may I still apply?Yes, you may still apply. However, please take our professionalism policy very seriously. We understand that you may have other commitments or you may get sick every now and then. Please discuss in advance any expected absences with the course director and make every attempt to be present at each of the course meetings.
Are the classes free?Yes. The only thing we ask in return is your enthusiastic participation and regular attendance…and for you to fill out an evaluation survey at the end.
Can I apply for more than one module each semester?Yes, but these courses are a time commitment, some more than others. It is very important to us that you take your participation in these modules seriously and attend all sessions. Please consider fully how much time outside of the lab you can reasonably commit.
Will the course be offered again next spring? Next year?It is our intention to offer these courses annually (fall courses each fall etc…). However, all of our course directors are running these modules on a voluntary basis and we cannot be certain that each course will be offered in the same format from year to year. In addition, we anticipate adding new modules each year. So, keep your eyes open for announcements and check the ASPIRE Website for updates.