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Professional Development

Your year as a Medical Scholar will open a world of opportunities as you

Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams

“Getting to learn from speech pathologists, pediatric dentists, plastic surgeons, and all of the other specialists has helped me gain new perspectives for both research and clinical care.” — Hannah Kay, Vanderbilt

Hone your research skills

“There is a creative component of research that I was fortunate to hone throughout the Vanderbilt Medical Scholar year. I enjoyed imagining and then executing adjustments to study designs, protocols, and data visualization.” — Yvette Ssempijja, Meharry

Yvette Yssempijja

Yvette Ssempijja (left) with colleagues

Build a career foundation

“The Medical Scholars program really enhanced my application for residency and allowed me to accomplish my dream of matching into neurosurgery.” — Alex Lopez, Meharry

“This year has allowed me to learn not just new scientific skills and techniques, but to learn what my roles in research can be and how to incorporate that into my career plan. I am grateful for the time and had to grow into this research role, and I will be applying to Physician Scientist tracks this residency application cycle.” — AnnaLisa Wilson, Meharry

Learn how Mentorship is a key part of the Medical Scholars Program.

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