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ASPIRE to Connect


ASPIRE to Connect is a half-day workshop offered each spring that is designed for industry professionals and faculty to share advice with trainees for building and maintaining professional relationships. Through practice, workshop participants learn strategies and “etiquette” for entering and exiting conversations, navigating professional conferences and receptions, and delivering a compelling “elevator speech.”

In partnership with the VU Graduate School Career Development office, we have hosted ASPIRE to Connect since 2014. Check out the archives, and save the date for next year!

2019: ASPIRE to Connect, featuring Jean-luc Doumont

2018: ASPIRE to Connect, featuring Dan Beaudry

2017: ASPIRE to Connect, featuring Mary Mitchell

2016: ASPIRE to Connect, featuring The Cheeky Scientist

2015: ASPIRE to Connect, featuring Lauren Celano

2014: ASPIRE to Connect, inaugural event!