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Clinical Research

Clinical Laboratory Medicine: Applying your PhD to Patient Care

Offered Spring semester (application period during fall semester)

Clinical Laboratory Medicine is an area of Pathology dedicated to the laboratory analysis of patient specimens to diagnose/treat human diseases.  Its various sub-disciplines include Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunopathology.  Each field requires broad medical knowledge, a combination of classic and cutting-edge technology, and management skills to ensure consistent quality and regulatory compliance.  Notably, the Medical Directors of clinical laboratories include both MD-trained Pathologists and PhD-trained scientists, with different accreditation/licensure mechanisms for each group and discipline.  This Module will provide an overview of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, with particular emphasis on Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology, along with additional opportunities for exposure in Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics.