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Local Companies at the 2016 Career Symposium

The BRET Office of Career Development is excited to welcome 12 local companies to the 2016 Annual Career Symposium. Meet these employers at both the Networking Huddles and the Networking Reception that day. Learn more about the companies, the employees that work there, and how they contribute to the life science industry.

The following companies will be in attendance:

Aegis Sciences Corporation is a laboratory sciences company providing science-driven testing and consulting services for clients such as healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, professional and amateur sports organizations, leading college and university athletic programs, medical examiners, Fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies throughout the United States.

axialHealthcare is a cloud-based healthcare solutions company. We have pioneered an evidence-driven, predictive pain management solution that empowers insurers and equips healthcare professionals with the ability to curb the overuse of opioids, align expenses, ensure safety, and attain optimal pain patient outcomes. Our mission is to improve the well-being of patients in pain while creating value for our partners. We have 25 employees and are located in downtown Nashville, Cummins Station.

Since 2009, BenchFly has provided open access and private platforms to labs and companies allowing researchers worldwide to communicate via the universallanguage—video. Recently, BenchFly launched The ART of Video, an NSF-funded project targeting high school students, to develop the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to support the next generation of scientists. BenchFly is located in Nashville and has 10 employees.

Berg is a Boston-based biopharma company focused on taking a bold “back tobiology” approach to therapeutic discovery using its unique AI-based Interrogative Biology® platform.  This platform combines patient biology and artificial intelligence-based analytics to engage the differences between healthy and disease environments.  The Nashville-based Berg Protein Sciences Department supports the research and development efforts of the company.Berg’s mission is to improve the lives of patients.  We believe that our drug candidates and diagnostics will result in faster clinical validation and safer, more effective therapies for patients worldwide.

Cumberland Emerging Technologies

CET was established in 2000 and is a joint initiative between Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc., Vanderbilt University, Launch Tennessee, and Gloria Pharmaceuticals. CET is a technology development company with dual missions to advance the development of innovative biomedical technologies and stimulate business growth and economic development within Tennessee, locally and regionally. The missions serve a common goal to bring new biomedical products into the commercial marketplace. Technology development is achieved through forming development partnerships, providing a business infrastructure designed for early stage biomedical companies, and harnessing appropriate resources in the corporate, academic, governmental and non-profit sectors.

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops and commercializes branded prescription products designed to improve quality of care and address unmet medical needs.With a focus on underserved niche markets, including hospital acute care and gastroenterology, we deliver products that serve patients in the U.S. market.Cumberland also makes its products available to patients internationally through select strategic partnerships.We own the worldwide rights to all our brands. While Cumberland’s commercial capabilities are focused on the U.S. market, our business development team is actively pursuing opportunities to make our brands available to patients in markets around the globe.Our primary mission is to improve upon patient care with products that offer clear advantages over existing treatments. We also strive to deliver solutions that may help reduce costs for healthcare providers and, ultimately, patients. 

Insight Genetics is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients around the world through advanced diagnostics for precision cancer care.

We are a molecular diagnostics company that is working to further precision cancer care at times of diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic resistance. We specialize in the discovery, development and commercialization of companion diagnostics. In addition, Insight Genetics’ CLIA-certified Insight Molecular Labs provides unique, high-value cancer testing services to oncologists and pharmaceutical companies.

A key priority in cancer care today is increasing the effectiveness of cancer treatment through a new generation of therapies that are targeted to specific genetic biomarkers. Fast, accurate and comprehensive tests – called companion diagnostics – are required to make these targeted therapies possible. These tests help clinicians pinpoint which targeted therapies may or may not work for a particular patient.

We operate at the intersection of drug development and patient care. With a high level of scientific expertise and assay development capabilities, as well as CLIA and GLP testing services, Insight Genetics spans the spectrum of discovery, testing, and commercialization of companion diagnostics. Insight is dedicated to developing new technologies and diagnostic tests that will become cutting-edge clinical products.Insight Genetics is located in Nashville, TN with over 20 employees.

NashBio is a biotech startup that is fundamentally changing drug discovery and development processes in biopharma.  Originally spun out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), it is the only company of its kind that leverages a large databank of rich longitudinal clinical data and genomic information collected by VUMC over more than a decade to address pressing R&D questions for clients in the biopharmaceutical industry.  The dataset is the largest and highest quality of its kind providing an unprecedented opportunity to glean useful and valuable information from gene-disease associations.  The company leverages this massive databank, along with unique computational methods developed at VUMC, to offer a range of precision medicine services to biopharma, including accelerated R&D activities and more efficient clinical trial design.

NextGxDx is a healthcare technology company dedicated to making genetic testing more transparent and efficient for stakeholders across the healthcare system.

With more than 60,000 genetic tests on the market, the selection, delivery and reimbursement of genetic testing is more complicated than ever. With scattered information about testing products, inconsistent ordering processes, and inefficient coding and billing systems, there is a growing need for tools to navigate this explosive field. NextGxDx launched as an IT company dedicated to enhancing the transparency of genetic testing data and streamlining processes related to genetic test ordering, payment and management for healthcare providers, laboratories and health insurers.

With an outstanding team of physicians, researchers, web developers, data scientists and software engineers, NextGxDx launched its proprietary GeneSource, GeneConnect and GenePayer solutions to provide data and tools for end-to-end genetic testing management, from searching and comparing testing products, to tracking orders and results, to payment integrity and forecasting trends in pricing and utilization.

As the genetic testing resource, NextGxDx provides comprehensive, intuitive solutions that address the specific challenges faced by the medical community.

NuSirt BioPharma is a privately held biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Nashville, TN with research labs in Knoxville, TN.

NuSirt is focused on the development of nove ldrugs for the treatment of metabolic disorders including Diabetes, Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), obesity and hyperlipidemia.

NuSirt’s platform technology is based on the natural product leucine and uses leucine with a very low dose of other known therapeutic agents for the treatment of disease.NuSirt has recently completed a clinical study or the treatment of type II diabetes and is currently running a clinical study for the treatment of NASH.

Clinical results are expected in Q4 2016 and if successful NuSirt will move this program to a phase 3 clinical study.

Sarah Cannon, the global cancer enterprise of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), offers integrated cancer services with convenient access to cutting-edge therapies for those facing cancer in communities across the United States and United Kingdom.

By bringing together a network of renowned cancer experts, we are collaborating and sharing best practices that address every aspect of the cancer journey from screening and diagnosis through treatment and survivorship so that patients can receive quality care with improved outcomes.

Our research arm, Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), formed more than 20 years ago to ensure patients could access cutting-edge therapies closer to home. In partnering with leading pharmaceutical/biotech companies and investigators, we offer more than 500 clinical trials annually.

Collectively, our comprehensive patient-centric services ensure that we are fulfilling our mission to advance science and transform care.

The Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR) is Vanderbilt’s virtual home for clinical and translational research. Supported by the Vanderbilt Office of Research and the NIH sponsored Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), the mission of the institute is to transform the way ideas and research discoveries make their way from origin to patient care. This is accomplished using a multi-faceted approach: through collaboration with a wide variety of research partners; by training, nurturing and rewarding participating researchers; by funding research; by developing new and innovative ways to involve the community in research; by developing new informatics and biostatistical systems; and by making available the latest technologies and sound research results affecting patient care.