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‘Cover Letter’

Guide to Cover Letters by OITE Careers Blog

Sep. 14, 2015—Your cover letter is often the first document an employer sees. It serves not only as an introduction to your résumé or CV but to you and your writing style. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand upon your qualifications. A cover letter also allows you to: » Elaborate on important experiences/skills and relate them...

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“PhD Career Finder” tool on Versatile PhD

Jul. 31, 2015—The Versatile PhD (VPhD, for short, in this blog post) is an online resource and community for PhDs considering careers outside the "traditional" academic faculty route. The Vanderbilt Graduate School is an institutional subscriber to VPhD, so Vanderbilt students and postdocs have access to all of VPhD's premium content. This includes real-life examples of PhDs and ABDs who...

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Advice for crafting a compelling cover letter

May. 8, 2015—The following two articles are a "must read" for everyone who will need to write a cover letter, now or at some time in the future. (That's you, right?)  "Dear Dr. Neufeld" from ScienceCareers is written by a professor from the University of Waterloo who has grown frustrated with the letters of inquiry he has received from...

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Looking for a faculty position in the sciences at a small liberal arts teaching college?

Jan. 16, 2015—Looking for a faculty position in the sciences at a small liberal arts teaching college?  Here’s an insider’s view of the hiring process.   In general, what does the hiring committee look for in an applicant? While teaching experience is great, depending on the school, it may or may not be essential.  What is important,...

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ASPIRE to Plan

Aug. 15, 2014—ASPIRE to Plan will empower biomedical sciences PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to make effective career decisions and identify specific training opportunities related to their career goals. It consists of four interactive seminars emphasizing self-assessment, career options for scientists, and career planning. ASPIRE to Plan will highlight Vanderbilt resources available to aid PhD students and postdocs in their career...

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“5 Ways to Make Your Cover Letter Rock, Not Flop” for

Jul. 3, 2013—“5 Ways to Make Your Cover Letter Rock, Not Flop” by Angela Rose for “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” The Internet has attributed this well-known adage to Will Rogers, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde as well as various historic advertising campaigns—including that of Head and Shoulders. While...

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