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Guide to Cover Letters by OITE Careers Blog

Posted by on Monday, September 14, 2015 in Announcements .

Your cover letter is often the first document an employer sees. It serves not only as an introduction to your résumé or CV but to you and your writing style. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand upon your qualifications.

A cover letter also allows you to:
» Elaborate on important experiences/skills and relate them to job requirements.
» Explain your experiences through anecdotes that work in conjunction with the information provided on your résumé/CV.
» Highlight the fact that you took the time to tailor your job application.
» Provide a sample of your written communication skills

You should always send a cover letter with your résumé or CV.  The only exception would be if the position description explicitly states “no cover letters”.

How can you go about creating one? OITE has created a newly updated Guide to Cover Letters.

This guide will help you create your own cover letter and is full of:

  • Recommendations and tips
  • Formatting requirements
  • Variety of sample cover letters, including an email inquiry sample

Remember, the OITE also has a Guide to Résumés and Curricula Vitae.

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