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Job Posting: IT Project Manager/Data Scientist, VICTR

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IT Project Manager/Data Scientist

Job Summary

We are seeking a professional IT Project Manager/Data Scientist with the training and curiosity to make big-data discoveries, build the resources necessary to enable those discoveries, and to be responsible for coordinating activities of the project team(s) under occasional guidance. Work closely with research informatics faculty and staff to expand and create innovative big data resources to enable data-driven translational science.  Identify appropriate resources needed, and develop schedules to ensure timely completion of project(s). Coordinate the activities of the team(s) by becoming familiar with system scope and project objectives, as well as the role and function of each team member. Implement small development projects or components of large projects. Ability to manage and find insights in data, as well as solve medium to complex problems.

Performance Elements

Provides support to leadership, team members and customers through data science, project management and communications.

Brings structure to large quantities of formless data and makes analysis possible.
Identifies rich data sources, joins them with other, potentially incomplete data sources, and cleans the resulting set.
Finds a story within a data set and provide a coherent narrative about a key data insight, and advises leadership on implications of the data for products, processes and decisions.
Demonstrates mastery of Project Communications in practical applications of a difficult nature.
Effectively communicates technical and business ideas and information to others, including non-technical audiences in writing, with numbers, verbally and/or visually.
Shares knowledge, ideas and information openly, and effectively sells new ideas and influences others.
Possesses sufficient knowledge, training, and experience to be capable of successfully delivering Project Communications without requiring support and instruction from others.
Provides guidance and leadership support to team members.


Coordinates and oversees all phases of the project.

Performs project tracking and reporting relative to task completion dates, dependency effects, problem anticipation, schedule conflicts, and assignment to appropriate staff for resolution.
Manages prioritization procedures for changing scope [i.e., change management] and project acceptance procedures.
Measures progress toward goals and revises project objectives and documents applying change control procedures. Assumes responsibility [as appropriate] for resolving issues and seeing work through to successful completion.
Provides training to project managers and others on project related templates and toolsets.
Develops methods to measure customer satisfaction and obtains feedback at critical milestones and at project completion to ensure project efforts meet customer expectations.


Manages Project Issues 

Demonstrates mastery of Issues Management in practical applications of a difficult nature.
Adept at identifying issues before they become problems and assigning those issues to the right people at the right time.
Possesses sufficient knowledge, training, and experience to be capable of successfully managing internal project issues without requiring support and instruction from others.
Able to anticipate and resolve unplanned project issues as they arise.


Project planning and ensures timely completion of tasks in line with project objectives. 

Demonstrates ability to forecast complex resource needs, identify and break work down into discrete and measurable tasks, set priorities, define dependencies, schedule activities, prepare acceptance criteria and organize work for one or more large projects.
Plans for and anticipates events outside of immediate responsibility.
Anticipates problems and obstacles before they arise.
Sets priorities with a proper sense of urgency and importance.
Develops creative ideas and takes innovative action to achieve planned goals and objectives. Is proficient in the use of project management tools.


Required Skills                    

Ability to learn rapidly about new technologies and methods
Excellent written and oral communication skills                     
Excellent organizational skills
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent critical thinking skills
Detail oriented
Preferred formal background in strong data and computational focus-type field (e.g., math, statistics, computer science, economics)


To apply, please complete your application and submit your resume to

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